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Selenium With Python Training


Jovi Soft Solution’s Selenium with Python Training online will help you acquire in-depth knowledge and expertise in working with Selenium with Python starting from the initial level to the advanced level. Our training will help you to comprehend end-to-end Selenium with Python hands-on from scratch using real-time examples. You’ll acquire complete knowledge on Python Automation using Selenium WebDriver through practical sessions. This course will help you in getting proficient in automation framework design, python programming concepts, Selenium Python API Methods, and more. By the completion of this course, you’ll have the necessary skills to try out Selenium scripts and python code in real-time.

Selenium with Python Online Training Objectives

1. About Selenium with Python Training.

Selenium with Python Certification Training Masters you in Selenium Python + Python Basics + Pytest Unit Testing Framework + Excel Data-driven Frameworks + Page object Design Patterns + Log4J Logging + Interview Prep + Cross-browser testing + GitHub + LifeTime Query Support. The Online Selenium with Python Training course is designed by Top Industry Experts to cover all the concepts from basic. By the end of this Selenium with Python course, you will get an opportunity to work on two real-time projects under the guidance of certified trainers.

2. Who should learn Selenium with Python ?

There is a huge demand for skilled Selenium with Python professionals across the industries. We recommend this Selenium with Python training course for the following professionals in particular:
● Software testing professionals
● Computer Science Graduates
● Automation testers
● Professionals who want to extend their skill-set with advanced technologies.

3. What are the prerequisites for learning Selenium with Python ?

There are no particular prerequisites to take Selenium with Python training. Basic knowledge of the below-mentioned areas is beneficial. ● Python programming
● Setting up Selenium web driver
● Creating Selenium web driver Python script for web browsers

4. Do I need to know Java in order to take Selenium with Python training ?

Well, it’s not necessary that you know Java.

5. Why should you learn Selenium with Python ?

There is a huge demand for Selenium with Python certified professionals all over the world. The average salary of a certified Selenium with Python professional is $133,635/annum.

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1. Does Jovi Soft Solutions offer job assistance ?

Jovi Soft Solutions actively provides placement assistance to all learners who have successfully completed the Selenium with Python training.

2. Do I get any discount on the course ?

Yes, you get two types of discounts. They are referral discount and group discount. Referral discount is offered when you are referred from someone who has already enrolled in our training and Group discount is offered when you join as a group.

3. Do Jovi Soft Solutions accept the course fees in installments ?

Yes, we accept payments in two installments.

4. What is the qualification of the trainer ?

The trainer is a certified consultant and has a significant amount of working experience with the technology.

4. Can I attend a Demo Session before enrolment ?

Yes. You can register or enroll for a free Selenium with Python session.


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