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Jovi Soft Solutions AEM Training - Adobe Experience Manager improves the efficiency of authoring, management, and delivery of digital content across numerous channels, including web, mobile, email, print, and social media, enabling you to build brand awareness and drive demand. We have devised good training programs in Adobe AEM that help them jumpstart their journey in the AEM space and reap huge dividends from a professional standpoint. Get Adobe AEM training by the Industry's best professionals from scratch and transform yourself into a pro.

AEM Training Overview

Adobe Experience Manager is a web-based client-server system for building, managing and deploying commercial websites, Mobile apps, forms and related services. It combines a number of infrastructure-level and application-level functions into a single integrated package. It even makes it easy to manage campaign and assets on a regular basis.

Will discusses fundamentals on a wide array of powerful features of AEM. AEM course also helps you to develop component, template, OSGI bundle etc. you will implement workflows and manage DAM (images, document etc.), User etc.

AEM Online Training Objectives.
1. About Adobe Experience Manager Training.

Jovi Soft Solutions Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) training will help you develop the skills and knowledge necessary for building custom AEM applications using components and templates. It covers all the fundamentals of Adobe Experience Manager including JCR, architecture, OSGi framework, etc., through real-life projects and this will enable you to become a certified AEM developer.

2. Who should learn Adobe AEM Training? ?

Learning AEM course is an advantage for the following job roles:
● Software programmers
● Adobe's Content managers
● Web developers

3. What are the prerequisites for learning AEM ?

The following are the prerequisites for learning this course.
Basics of:
● Javascript.
To enrich your existing skills, you can go through our self-paced videos on:
● C#
● Python
● Java
● Html

4. How much does AEM certification cost? ?

The Adobe certification cost for the role of AEM developer is $180.

5. Why should you learn Adobe Experience Manager to grow your career ?

● Adobe AEM is currently in an emerging phase and has a lot of potential to grow in the coming years
● AEM architects and developers earn around $ 110,000 USD per annum.
● The demand for AEM developers is increasing rapidly with high payouts across the globe.

AEM Introduction

  • What is AEM?
  • AEM Platform
  • AEM UI
  • AEM Web Consoles
  • Key Principles Underlying the Design and Implementation of CQ5
  • Everything is content
  • Authoring Interface
  • OSGi and Apache Sling
  • Architecture Stack
  • Java Content Repository (JCR)
  • Adobe CRX
  • Representational State Transfer (REST)
  • Apache Sling
  • Everything is a Resource
  • Sling Script Resolution
  • Additional Information

Installation and Deployment

  • Installing AEM
  • Assignment 2.1 – Install & Start an Author Instance and publisher instance
  • Authoring in AEM WCM
  • Assignment 2.2 – Edit a page and creating new page use of component
  • Replication and Reverse Replication
  • Dispatcher
  • The Administrative Interfaces
  • AEM Welcome Screen CRXDE Lite
  • AEM Repository Structure
  • Website Content

Understanding of AEM Architecture and implementation

Development of AEM Web Application –part1

  • Project structure
  • Assignment 4.1 – Create an Project
  • Templates
  • Assignment 4.2 – Create a Template
  • Components
  • Assignment 4.3 – Create a Component
  • Assignment 4.4 – Create Pages & Web Site Structure
  • Assignment 4.5 –Uses of CRXDE
  • Component Context
  • Assignment 4.6 – Include the “global.jsp” in the Page Component
  • Assignment 4.8 – Display Basic Page Content

Apache Sling Script Resolution

  • Resolution Proces
  • Assignment 5.1 – Create Multiple Scripts/Renderers for the “Page” Component

Development of AEM Web Application –part1

  • Modularization and Reuse
  • Assignment 6.1 –Modularize the “Page” Component
  • Initialize the WCM
  • Assignment 6.2 – Initialize the WCM
  • Component Hierarchy and Inheritance
  • Assignment 6.3 – Extend the Foundation Page Component
  • Assignment 6.4 – Extend the Script Structure of the “Page” component
  • The Design
  • Assignment 6.5 – Create and Assign a Design

Component Basics

  • Including components into scripts
  • Dynamic Navigation
  • Our project web site structure
  • Assignment 7.1 – Create a Dynamic Navigation Component
  • Assignment 7.2 – Add a log message to the topnav component


  • ExtJs and Component Dialogs
  • Assignment 8.1 – Create a Title Component
  • Assignment 8.2 - Create a List Children Component
  • Design Dialogs
  • HTML5 SmartImage Widget
  • Assignment 8.3 – Create a Logo Component

Working With The Foundation Components

  • Assignment 9.1 – Include the Breadcrumb Foundation Component
  • Paragraph System
  • The Sidekick, Components and the Design
  • Assignment 9.2 – Include the Foundation Paragraph System Component
  • Assignment 9.3 – The Foundation Toolbar
  • Assignment 9.4 – Including the Foundation Inherited Paragraph System component

Advanced concept in AEM Project

  • Assignment 10.1 – Creating a Simple Image Component
  • Create a Component Dialog Box for our Image component
  • Add the myImage Component to the Sidekick
  • Test your Image component
  • Defining editConfig
  • ASSIGNMENT 10.2 – Create a Search Component
  • Create the Client Library Advanced Concepts

Touch UI

  • Introduction of touch UI
  • The basic principles of the touch-optimized UI are
  • AEM Technology Stack
  • Granite and Granite UI
  • Coral UI
  • Element Plugin
  • Assignment 11.1- Adding the slightly component in our existing component


  • Basics of OSGI
  • Assignment 12.1 - Create an OSGI and uses of it
  • Additional information of OSGI


  • Basics of JCR
  • Use of JCR API
  • Assignment 13.1- Understanding of JCR API

Activation, deactivation and packages with hands-on

Replication Agent with hands-on

User Admin with hands-on

Digital assets management with hands-on

Workflow with hands-on

Multi-site management with hands-on

AEM Administrators

AEM Security

1. Does Jovi Soft Solutions offer job assistance ?

Jovi Soft Solutions actively provides placement assistance to all learners who have successfully completed the AEM training.

2. Do I get any discount on the course ?

Yes, you get two types of discounts. They are referral discount and group discount. Referral discount is offered when you are referred from someone who has already enrolled in our training and Group discount is offered when you join as a group.

3. Do Jovi Soft Solutions accept the course fees in installments ?

Yes, we accept payments in two installments.

4. What is the qualification of the trainer ?

The trainer is a certified consultant and has a significant amount of working experience with the technology.

4. Can I attend a Demo Session before enrolment ?

Yes. You can register or enroll for a free AEM demo session.


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